Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liz Cheney upsets some Conservatives

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She said the DOJ cannot be trusted. Of course she meant Obama's DOJ!

Some Conservatives said he attack was offensive, viscous, unfounded, outrageous, and wrong!

The Power Line blog used such words as viscous and unfounded:

" is entirely inappropriate to suggest that these lawyers share the values of the terrorists."

A former Bush White House lawyer said, and I quote:

...The video is entirely offensive...It's beyond a cheap shot to suggest that a lawyer is an Al-Qaeda sympathizer because he advocates a detainees position in the Supreme Court."

Peter Keisler a former Bush Attorney General is quoted in the NY Times as saying:

..."It's wrong to suggest that people who sough judicial review are somehow sympathetic to Al-Qaeda."

The Bush Pentagon Chief Prosecutor Col. Morris Davis weighs in with this comment:

"It is absolutely outrageous for the Cheney-Grassley to try and tar and feather them(DOJ). If you zealously represent a client, there is nothing shameful about that...That is the American way!"

What has said was so offensive to some Conservatives that even Bill O'Reilly disagrees with her!

Of course this is just the Conservatives! Imagine how liberals feel about this as well.

Rush: Pelosi is a terriorist

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Hate speak such as this is dangerous! I can see violence happening before long.

Palin said Fox is fair and balanced

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She has her talking points down doesn't she!

Hannity said Palin is smarter than Obama

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Come on! I can't believe he said that!

Back blogging

I have been following the political discussion from the time I quit blogging up to now. I have had enough of the Republicans fear mongering and obstruction!

I plan on blogging daily by using exerpts from some of the blogs I go to daily as well as some of the shows I watch religously on MSNBC!

I hope will enjoy the blog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rachel Maddown simple explanation of the bailout

She started her show last night with a very simple explanation of what happened to cause the financial meltdown and what the bailout really is! It is so simple that the uneducated or illiterate person can easily understand!

She said and I quote:

"What is this Wall street bailout and how is it being managed? Still taking shape, still hard to understand, lets try a metaphor. Money is Halloween candy and those Wall street bankers are metaphorically speaking are our six year old that went out and got more candy that we'd ever seen or imagined. And with all of that candy sitting there, we parents, the taxpayers, hired a baby sitter to supervise our child only instead of hiring a grown up that fears what happens when six yeas do what six year old's do best eat all of the candy all at once, we instead hired a a seven year old baby sitter, the Federal Government.

So what happened? The six year old ate more candy than it should have on the seven year old watch and got sick all over the carpet. And instead of paying and sending home the babysitter we get her take on this disgusting huge mess of a crisis we are now in the seven year old baby sitter now turns to us and says, well the problem is you are now out of candy. You're gonna need more candy."

She is exactly right and she went on to say the baby sitter we hired to watch over our six year old child, we should have known better than to hire her! She told us a a few years back what she thought of supervision! Now they want so much more candy that it is highly unlikely that much money exists. Seven hundred billion dollars worth with no questions asked!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jonathon Alter brings up Keating five.

"[Y]ou remember the Keating Five scandal that he was a part of, which, by the way, it's crazy but there's been very little about it in the press in the last few weeks. And McCain thinks he's getting a hard time, he's really getting a free ride on the fact that he was in the middle of the last great financial scandal in our country. But his reaction to that, you would have thought, would have been more regulation of the financial services industry. Instead he moved forward on campaign finance reform after being caught in that scandal, but did nothing – nothing – to try to prevent another savings and loan crisis from happening down the road. He was missing in action when it came to even learning the basic lessons of a scandal that he said taught him all kinds of things that he would never forget."

Finally someone has the balls to bring that up!